“Lots of tradition – lots of future”

A German Brand Since 1938


Furniture architect Josef Höner founded the company as a ‘ring of exemplary cooperation’ – or, in short: ‘Musterring’. The aim was to combine industry, retail, and service in a strong service association under a single brand.


A conference in Boppard brought together old and new partners and laid the foundation for future successes. The M 49 model developed by Josef Höner was presented here for the first time, where it was enthusiastically received.


Internationalization of the brand idea began. Austria led the way: the Harmath & Weilinger furniture showroom in Salzburg became the first Musterring retail partner.


The signing of an agreement with the JFSA (Japan Furniture Sale Association), marking the cooperation with Japanese partners. The following year saw the establishment of a distribution network in Canada.


With the Quality Passport, an extensive document was developed documenting and specifying the terms of the guarantee. There is also a lot of further information, e.g. detailed use and care instructions.


‘set one by Musterring’ is introduced as a further development within the Active Line – a knock-down collection geared mainly towards the young and the young at heart.


Musterring begane its collaboration with harman/kardon producing the innovative media furniture Q-MEDIA which quickly became one of the best-sellers.


In cooperation with ARTUS Oberflächen Instandsetzung GmbH, the Living Warranty was developed, an all-round carefree package that goes far beyond the actual warranty declaration.

If it's nice at home, it's Musterring!

"Musterring Means More "

Musterring has represented quality for 80 years. But what exactly does that mean?